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I would highly recommend Margit, she is an incredible teacher and trainer. She has helped me so much with my horse, I could not have done it without her. She is kind, compassionate and gives clear concise advice. She also puts on great clinics, I learn so much from her every time I go to a clinic or to her ranch.

Nancy Tabachki

I can not say enough great things about Margit Deerman as a trainer and person. I had a great idea, as I rounded the bend on 60, to purchase a 2 1/2 year old quarter horse sight unseen. A friend owned a brother to this horse, so I thought that was a brilliant idea to buy him at the time. That is where reality left fantasy. I really did not have the tools in my quiver to train him and assist him with becoming the horse he is today. Thank goodness I was blessed with Margit in my life. He had the opportunity to train with Margit and attend her summer camp and have so many experiences that were fun and built his confidence. She then worked with me to build our trust, relationship and confidence together. He is now 9 years old and a wonderful, gentle, well grounded horse. He actually is the go to for my grands to sit on and ride, ages 12 to 10 months. I continue to work with Margit and have learned so much from her. She has such a gentle, non-overbearing and clear way of teaching horsemanship and the Parelli method. I can not recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Margit.

Claudia Grzywacz

Training in the Parelli method with Margit opened my eyes to incredible avenues of communication with horses that I hadn't been able to tap into before. I've deepened the bond with the horses I work with and ride regularly through what I have learned and my increased ability to communicate with them in the way they communicate with each other. Understanding equine behavior at that level has been instrumental in the development of my horsemanship skills and shown me how much more I can learn and grow as a horsewoman. Margit has a beautiful setting at the ranch to truly connect with the horse and she is a wonderful, patient teacher who truly has a heart for the wellbeing of the horse and human relationship.


We connected with Margit as an instructor in 2010. Every lesson, clinic or workshop with Margit is packed with helpful information. Margit is so perceptive with her instructing. She notices little and sometimes bigger changes that you can make to cause a big difference in your success with your horse. And she manages to do it in a very positive way. Sessions with Margit are not only packed with information and educational, they are fun too!

Walt and Suzie Kirkwood