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Margit Deerman

Pagosa Springs Update


Hi All,

I finished my Fast Track Course last Friday.  It was an awesome course with some terrific students.  I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people.  My support team was terrific too.  Thanks to Michelle Knapp, who was my assisting instructor and Ryan Rose that was also there for support. Both of them were a great combo.  My three intern coaches Tracey Duncan, Holly Bennetts and Aureili Tellenbach were always there to help out where needed.

I have decided to stay on for the summer and will be assisting Nita Jo Rush in the Journey to Level 4 course starting Aug. 11th.  I will remain here till after summit.

Hope you can all make it out.  Gator is doing great and blossoming to a beautiful young horse.  I have had many calls on him, as he is on the auction site now, for sale.