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Impulsion Workshop

Deerman Ranch 29804 Anthony Road, Valley Center

Is you whoa and your go equal?  How do you motivate a slow horse to go and a go horse to slow.   Your idea becomes the horses idea through circles and straight lines and transitions.   Cost: $150 Time:  9-12

Gals, Giddy Up and Grub

LS Ranch 31315 Hot Springs Road, Porterville

Two 4 Star Parelli Professionals Jody Grimm-Ellis and Margit Deerman team up to lead a woman's retreat.  No it doesn't mean nails and salons but horses!  In a human relationship, women tend to feel more comfortable in a supportive role. Leadership is not always easy for us.  So you can imagine how hard it is to become a leader for our horses.  This clinic is designed to give you skills in how to build your confidence and your horses outside an arena.  We will be putting our horsemanship skills to a purpose around the ranch.

4th Annual Liberty Finesse Clinic In Valley Center, Ca.

Rancho Descanso Valley Center

Two 4-Star Parelli Professionals Jody Grimm-Ellis and Margit Deerman team up once again to coach you through Liberty and Finesse. Liberty is the art of having a conversation with your horse on the ground.  When the rope comes off, does your horse want to be with you?  Liberty is the truth. Finesse is refinement done naturally.  How do we cause our horses to want to engage with us in a way that feels good to both horse and human.   Monday is a day to unwind after the 3 day clinic.  We will be having fun at Fiesta Island with horses.